"I help people actualize a more abundant life, amplified & accelerated 

by profitable trading."

- Noble Woods III, MBA

Luke Skywalker needed Obi wan. Serena needed her dad.  MJ needed Quincy Jones. You need a guide in order to reach greatness. In Noble, you have a sensei and Master of Business with an undeniable gift of transforming people into skilled traders.

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Noble's signature Options and Futures courses are the highest quality education in America. They're undeniably superior to everything you've seen. 

95% of attendees surveyed said this training was "more effective" than every other educator out


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Proven Results

Layci & her husband Mel took Limitless back in 2014, began investing, and even learned how to trade futures through Noble.  It's changed their families financial potential and they've become savvy and active traders. We became good friends and family along the way! 

Amazing Live Events

We created Americas best investing seminar over years of hosting live events in Atl, Indy, and Detroit before Covid hit. It took time to perfect, but the model is powerfully effective. Each event is designed to erase your fear and give you a real glimpse at what being Limitless feels like. 

Empowering a new generation

Noble started teaching kids first to set a foundation almost 15 years ago. His style remains kid friendly and simple, but sophisticated for adults to ascend to new financial levels. Whether we're talking about stock investing or Options trading the approach is the same- masterfully simple and strikingly creative.

Meet the one and only investing coach you've been waiting for... Noble Woods III, MBA! 

Imagine a world where sincere love letters are sent more than texts and the humble excitement of owning Nike stock beats the flex of snagging a pair of exclusive Jordans. That's the world Noble envisions.

Back in high school, he fell head over heels for the movie "Boomerang," and knew he was destined to create through the craft of marketing. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Indiana University (2002) and an MBA from Clark Atlanta University (2008), Noble's journey took off.

From raking in quick cash with bank stocks during the recession to becoming an investing virtuoso, he's on a mission to empower everyone with top-notch financial education. Years of dedication have birthed an impressive set of online trading that are the top of their class.

His greatest asset is his Noble Woods Proprietary Trading System. It's based on a love for quantitative analysis and stats. That's actually what trading really is- an adventure into uncertainty and variation.

His content or  "gems" are tailored to gift both kids and adults with a fresh, vibrant perspective on investing & trading.

Noble lives by two guiding principles: First, anyone can reach their own greatness, but you'll need a passionate guide to get there. And second, you'll "do best what you do most." When he's not cooking something amazing for friends and family you'll find him crafting content and serving aspiring investors and traders all over the world.

Buckle up – because with Noble by your side, your financially limitless.

Watch a master at work...LIVE!

Watch Noble's "Inside of Trading." You wont find more concrete analysis, depth, and a warm energy.


You need a coach who's rich with character.

Noble loves helping people on their journey. Trading is about deep inner confidence and belief in your own worth as much as it is about charts and technical analysis. He's been mentored and loved by some amazing people so he does his best to give that same energy and heart to his students. It's deeper than money for me.

One of the most basic and critical practice that many traders don't utilize is PRACTICE itself. It's almost funny if you think about it. Practice? lol

Remember the recession of 2008 and Covid in 2020? It was pretty bad right? Or was it?

Before you dive into the live trading arena, there's a crucial step you can't afford to skip. In this video, Noble emphasizes the utmost importance of honing your trading skills on a paper account first. Discover how simulated trading can sharpen your strategies, refine your decision-making, and save you from costly mistakes.  


Preparing for your trading journey

" I just knew I wanted to own stock!...Limitless class is hands down, the best class/resource out there for new investors. I’ve read many books, and been all over the web, and he and his class is priceless! No lie, EVERY stock I own that I used his process to purchase is up, ranging from a minimum +7% to over +100%. "

Tarris Smith
Director Of Operations

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