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Layci & her husband Mel took Limitless back in 2014, began investing, and even learned how to trade futures in our pilot ELITE program.  It's changed their families financial potential and they've become savvy and active traders.  Layci even volunteers at our live events as you can see. Now that's loyalty!      

Amazing Live Events

We created Americas best investing seminar over years of hosting live events in Atl, Indy, and Detroit. It took time to perfect but we have a model that simply works. Each event is designed to erase your fear and give you a real glimpse at what being Limitless feels like. 

Empowering a new generation

We started teaching kids first to set a foundation almost 10 years ago. We still keep it kid friendly but practical enough for adults. Whether we're talking about stock investing or futures trading we approach the same way- with simplicity as our super power.

Meet your investing coach...Noble

Noble envisions a world where people prefer to write love letters over texting and kids are more excited about buying their first shares of Nike stock than their first pair of Jordans. He fell in love with the movie "Boomerang" in high school and  went on to earn his bachelor's in Marketing from Indiana and his MBA from Clark Atlanta University.

After making quick money on bank stocks during the recession Noble set out on a course to master investing and educate the masses with quality and effective teaching. Thousands of hours and years later he has a robust online course and a suite of interactive seminars designed to give children and adults a new perspective on investing. 

Noble believes that anyone can learn anything if the subject is taught well and creatively. He also believes that “What you do most is what you’ll do best.” He spends his time trading, designing content, kicking it with family & friends, and coaching students all across the country. 

Welcome to a new brand of investing.

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The #1 reason people don't invest is FEAR.

We've all been there. You know investing is important. You constantly hear about stocks and people making money but you're sitting on the sideline. We have a proven formula for not only teaching you but raising your confidence. Trust us. Investing is possible, fun, and you're one click away.

" I just knew I wanted to own stock!...Limitless class is hands down, the best class/resource out there for new investors. I’ve read many books, and been all over the web, and he and his class is priceless! No lie, EVERY stock I own that I used his process to purchase is up, ranging from a minimum +7% to over +100%. "

Tarris Smith
Director Of Operations

There are tons of goodies on our site but THIS

is the one you can NOT pass up.

Remember the recession? It was pretty bad right? Or was it?

The truth is that the recession was a black Friday sale on the stock market for over a year. Every great company was discounted heavily. It was the chance of a lifetime to buy and own stocks like Apple, Amazon, and more. But did you get your share?

In this short video we show you how simple investing really is. No more myths. We'd like to present you with the reality of what LIMITLESS can do for you. It's more than a class. It's a skill set that can change your life. Watch our "The Secret of Investing" video to learn more. 

Watch "The Secret to Investing"

Frequently Asked Questions

Limitless is a powerfully dynamic on-demand online investing class. It was designed for working professionals, college students, and any adult who is ready to learn how to buy stock with confidence.  

Limitless teaches 3 basics that you need to make money.


  1. What to buy? We teach all the basics about what you can buy in the market from stocks to ETFs and more. We also walk you through a fun scavenger hunt called a "Stock Trail" to identify the companies that you touch monthly as a consumer.
  2. How to buy at the right price? We give you a deep yet fun dive into candlestick reading so you can see prices and also the most popular tools to always know if you're buying at the normal price or a sale price. 
  3. When to buy? There's a such thing as buying a great stock at a bad price. We'll teach you how to place the orders that help you to buy or sell. There's a patience required but our process walks you through it all as we link "when" you should buy to the stocks price.

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